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Institutional Portfolio (iPort)

Our portfolio was begun as part of the Urban Universities Portfolio Project (UUPP), a three-year (1998-2001) national collaboration that included six large urban public universities and the American Association for Higher Education (AAHE) and that was funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Visitors to this site who are interested in additional background on the development of the portfolio or in online institutional portfolios developed at other institutions are invited to visit the UUPP web site.

Designed as a report to stakeholders, the IUPUI institutional portfolio (iPort) includes all of the information contained in the print version of IUPUI's annual Performance Report, along with a wealth of detailed information and examples of the work carried out by IUPUI students and faculty. We have attempted to exploit the capabilities of the web to present this work in a range of media, with links to other relevant information and web sites, so that visitors to iPort will find a true window into the campus. In addition, iPort served as the vehicle for IUPUI's accreditation self-study for our re-accreditation review in November 2002. The Accreditation Self-Study section of the portfolio includes all of the materials developed for that review.

IUPUI Performance Indicators:

Performance indicators have been an integral part of IUPUI´s accountability practices for the past ten years. Since 1996, campus performance indicators have been published as part of the Annual Campus Performance Report. Over the past three years, the indicators have been undergoing a substantial revision in parallel with the refinement of the campus mission, vision, values and goals.

The latest iteration of IUPUI's Performance Indicators is being developed with extensive input from a broad range of faculty, staff, and members of our local community. For more information on current status of performance indicators, please use the following links


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